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Just WOW! Expect a tale of synchronicity, archetype, ancient deities, past lives, and forgiveness... related in
a humble and humorous way, with a felt truth, and openness of interpretation. Music unlike any musician seen before.

Tom's musical presentation is an invitation to self discovery. Since witnessing Tom’s journey, I realised that it took a certain perspective to SEE our own multidimensionality, often hidden in plain sight all along. I had taken for granted a lifetime of breadcrumbs clues about my oversoul. Tom's story inspired me to look deeper to discover consciously what I had always known about my own being. 
The Story of My Lives is a remembrance of the expansiveness of our soul, a redefinition of the boundaries of reality, and a rediscovery of humanity’s incredible connectedness.
The Story of My Lives is as wildly unique, mysterious, and thought provoking as its creator. A dynamic invitation into the esoteric combining music and storytelling not to be missed! Absolutely loved it! 
~Laura Marcos
The Story of My Lives was amazing! I was capitivated from the moment Tom started talking. It was so original and from the heart. I laughed, I cried, I got goose bumps from the synchronicities, spirituality and deep meanings. Beyond Epic!!
Tom's music is among the best I've ever heard! He has a unique style with amazing picking and lyrics. I can't wait for an album to come out as it will definitely go platinum! 
~Pamela Queen
Tom is one of the best guitar player singers and Storyteller’s I’ve ever experienced please avail your self to his talent. His wisdom and life experience is way beyond his years. He dips into his past lives and knows more than most people. Thank you Tom!
~Daniel Holland
Tom is a fabulous and colorful storyteller… and his melodic guitar takes you on an even deeper journey. A truly unique talent!
~Stu Zimmerman 
Tom Christ offers an epic journey filled with his unique style of guitar playing and original song lyrics combined with fascinating stories that connect this current life to those of his multidimensional experiences. I sat on the edge of my seat listening to his journey and extracting wisdom from every word. His offering is very unique and I highly recommend you take a trip into his world for a brief encounter. 
~ Deva Vidya
I love Tom's style of playing guitar and his incredible voice. He has a natural gift for story telling and weaving his original songs through the stories while keeping the audience captivated. I have heard him play at house parties, in a Cafe, and at a concert, and each time I shared with him that I could see him playing in a large theater or stadium. He is that wonderful of a musician.
~Sharon Shapiro
The first time I heard Tom play, I was mesmerized, deeply touched and healed. I felt like I had discovered a hidden treasure and I probably should have asked to be your manager right then! Ha!! But I definitely thought you should come out of hiding and inspire the world with your incredible conscious tunes. To say Tom is a poet is to belittle the lyrical, alchemical magic he weaves with rhythm and story. I love poets and poetry, but Tom is in a class of his own. You will be transformed by this music.
~Stasia Bliss
What a wonderful experience full of synchronicities, stories, and amazing guitars! Loved every moment of it!!!
~Anthoni Queen

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