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Forgiving The Illusion of Duality 

This workshop integrates teachings from A Course in Miracles, Hermetic Philosophy and Ho'oponopono to form a cohesive framework for creating synchronicity, magick and unconditional forgiveness in one's life.

In this Workshop we will:

~Explore the methods by which we may step into the self-fulfilling prophecy of our own personal legend, and awaken into the totality of ourselves.

~Learn how to apply the concept of true quantum forgiveness as taught in a Course in Miracles, which inevitably leads to the Collapse of Time, dissolving the barriers between all of your past, present and future lifetimes.

~Explore the ways that we may step into the true synchronicity of alignment with our higher self to attract the people and circumstances necessary to decompartmentalize all the "selves" within our oversoul, and forgive our karma to ultimately end the cycle of Reincarnation forever. 

Stay tuned for the timing of the next workshop!

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